I am currently working on getting some tutorials for hair and makeup on here, please bare with me while I get that set up. For now, here are my favorite hair and makeup products! Enjoy. :)

What hair products do you use?

Shampoo and Conditioner: When it comes to shampoos and conditioners, it seems as though I've tried them all. I think its safe to say  Kerastase is the best around. I have a lot of hair, but its also relatively fine. I would suggest volumifique shampoo and conditioner if you have fine hair. I've also heard reflection is great for color treated hair. :) Ive noticed a huge difference since using it. My hair seem to be a lot stronger, shinier, and soft. You will LOVE it! 

Styling Products: I don't really use a to of styling products because it seems to weigh down my hair. I do however love Kevin Murphy Young Again oil if my hair is in desperate need of shine! 

Hair Tools: I use a Bombay interchangable curling wand. Its amazing, and every time I'm wanting a new style I just switch it out for a different wand. I also use Sedu blow dryer (This blow dryer is awesome, and it is SO important to have a great blow dryer!) 

What Makeup Products do you use? 

Foundation: I am a Jane Iredale girl all the way. I started using it about four months ago, and my skin looks and feels 10x better. It doesn't look caked on, I have less breakouts,and not to mention its all natural and doesn't clog your pores! Sometimes less is more, and for my skin I need just that. Jane Iredale is for those that want a more natural glow and something that will improve their skin. Its the perfect every day foundation.

If you're looking for something with complete full coverage with a flawless finish for going out with your friends for the night etc, I would suggest Estee Lauder Double Wear. I apply mine with a beauty blender, and finish with Urban Decay finishing spray.

Blush/bronzer: I use Bobbi Brown blushes (my personal favorite is nude peach) and Anastasia bronzer from my contour kit. I LOVE this contour kit.

Makeup Brushes: I use the Jane Iredale Handi Brush for applying my mineral foundation. I also love this angled contour brush for my cheek bones, chin area, and forehead. I also like this two in one apply concealer to areas I feel need some extra coverage. 

Eyes/brows: When I don't have eyelash extensions, I love They're Real by Benefit. I also LOVE Anastasia brow products. I use their dip brow and brow wiz

Lips: I will have to do a short tutorial on how to make your lips plumper and or appear plump. I started using a lip primer/exfoliant and am completely obsessed with it. In comparison to pictures of my lips in high school, they look completely different because of the way I started taking care of them. Funny as it sounds, I've had people ask me if I had lip injections! I also use Dior Lip Plumper and I swear by it! I also love a good lip liner and defining pencil from MAC. If you get a defining pencil in a nude color, you can outline your lips after you put on the lip liner and lipstick to give them a fuller pouty look. My favorite lipsticks are YSL and Nars.

What Skincare Products do you use?

Right now I use Elta MD skincare products and am absolutely loving them! Like I said before, with my skin less is more. Elta MD has no harsh chemicals, its PH balanced, and is gentle on your skin. I use the facial cleanser and tinted sunscreen.  It's really helped my skin stay clear and smooth. I also use Resilience Lift morning and night- I can't even begin to explain how much I love this product. I'm a little paranoid about wrinkles, even though I'm still young and don't really have many. I do have a frown line, and wrinkles on my forehead. This kit has done WONDERS on my skin! I usually wash my face with my facial cleanser, put on Resilience Lift, then my tinted sunscreen and makeup. It sounds like a lot, but this routine works great for my skin. Also, I use my Foreo Luna daily when I apply my facial cleanse.  I'm obsessed, and I'm not even exaggerating. I used to get break outs randomly on my chin and left cheek bone, but they have completely stopped since using it. I would recommend it to anyone!

As time goes on, I'm continually trying new beauty products. With that said, my favorites will change over time. Ill try to update my favorites here as often as possible. See the widget below for my new favorites. Ill try and update it bi-monthly. :)
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